Food is so many things. . .

My goal is to help people to understand the social psychology for living whole plant-based. We all realize that . . .

  •  food fuels us
  • comforts us
  • celebrates with us
  • represents our culture and traditions
  • connects us  with our friends, family, co-workers and community

Food has the power is make us  either very sick or very healthy. Our different types of connections can either sabotage or support us in our desire to eat as healthy as possible.

  1.  Say “NO” to heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer – all food- borne illnesses – that are possible to prevent, reverse and survive!  So say “YES” to adopting healthier eating habits.
  2. Evidence Based Nutritional Science (valid and reliable): The Physicians Committee (, with Dr. Neal Barnard, MD as its’ founder, advocates the optimal health benefits of a whole plant-based diet (with no added oil) for people of all ages, including pregnant moms, children and the elderly. Even triathletes, those in mixed martial arts and other endurance sports are finding this way of eating to be performance-enhancing!

Other resources:

  •  Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr MD
  • Dr. John McDougall, MD
  • Dr. Michael Greger, MD
  • T. Colin Campbell, PhD
  • Dr. Thomas Campbell, MD

and others are all in agreement that you can prevent or reverse chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes  or survive even some forms of cancer just by what you put at the end of your fork!

The tricky part is. . .

  •  When you start to make healthier changes –
    • feeling stronger
    • more energetic
    • being happier 
    • looking leaner, fitter

 others take notice. Some of this attention is positive and encouraging while some, not so much.

Challenge:  to keep your health commitments without losing any of your connections.

Help is Here (for all ages)!

  • Coaching / Consulting – in-person, via Skype, telephone
  • Teaching/ Presenting –  workshops and customized talks

Benefit from my 25 plus years as a clinically trained, master-level social worker and family mediator to coach, teach and consult with individuals, couples, families and groups to collaboratively strategize how to stay  both healthy and connected!

Need more information about Kate? Please check out her profile on our Webinars page.

 “Eat, Learn and Be Merry” monthly edible education (dinner is on us). You will learn  vital social support strategies along with fast, easy and budget-friendly menu ideas to make lasting, positive changes.

Phone Kate at 403-519-9261 or email her: [email protected] to arrange a home or office visit.

Scrumptious Option:    Pop-Up Dining

Host a lunch or dinner at your next gathering – enjoy an oil-free whole plant-based  three course meal prepared and served in the comfort of your home.

Select from a flavourful and delicious menu of:

  • Starters (soup and homemade Fork Smart Signature Loaf)
  • Mains
  • Desserts

Bonus – no dishes to do!

Prices are per person ranging from  $25.00-$35.00* with one complimentary host ticket. Call Kate 403-519-9261 or connect with [email protected] to host your next gathering or make it a shared cost with your friends!

  • An inexpensive way to introduce others to eating healthy deliciously!

 Let’s connect!


Local Calgary Food for Life Workshops

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Oil-free Whole Plant-Based Living Meet Up (Calgary & Area)

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