What’s “Eating You Alive?”

A provocative question with an even more challenging answer. Challenging answer? Yes, because once you have the opportunity to view this new documentary entitled, “Eating You Alive”, directed by Paul David Kennamer, Jr. and co-produced by Merrilee Jacobs, it will have you thinking beyond, over, under, and around “the box” but never in it again!

It’s about . . .

This documentary is a powerhouse of thoughtful information and at times, heart-grabbing moments of story-telling from those suffering the ravages of chronic illnesses, like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Yet it does not leave you in a place of awakening – only to feel confused and resigned to existing with the status quo. Instead, it provides you with concrete examples of how whole food offers amazing, life-affirming powers of self-healing. Healing that is achieved so simply that it is astounding. Can food – real, whole food- truly be the medicine our body needs to heal itself? Is this really possible and be such a simple answer?

How did it happen?

The director, Paul David Kennamer, Jr., did not come to this project with any pre-conceived agenda but rather a curiosity and desire to investigate the possibility that food might be medicinal for all of us. He and his team spent a year criss-crossing the United States capturing hundreds of hours of film that captured the stories of people, including medical doctors, on the topic of food and health and its implications for our planet and the animals co-exist with us. Those who participated in the film demonstrated the courage and vulnerability by stepping into the public arena to share openly and honestly their medical practices, their sufferings and their health recoveries. It also explored how our current actions and future choices will impact life on our planet and the animals that share it.

This film’s value . . .

While there is much to ‘digest’ in this film, it does not cause the viewer indigestion but rather satisfaction. This is a satisfaction in discovering there are tangible solutions to optimizing our health,  preserving our planet and protecting the welfare of our animals. It is truly a ‘win-win-win’ scenario for all. Imagine leaving the viewing of this film with the hope that by taking care of your own health – you are also taking care of the health of our planet and fellow creatures big and small.

This film offers a four step process to equip viewers with concrete, progressive, can-do actions to improve their present health status for the better. These actions are simple, cost-effective and even time-efficient. To understand this more fully, several home-grown cooks demonstrate their go-to recipes that appeal to the viewers’ desire for comfort foods. These comfort foods look so delicious, seem so convenient and actually easy -to- make. It makes you feel compelled to try them for yourself! Imagine eating food that is uncomplicated to make, affordable and most importantly tastes good (I know – I have already tried some of the recipes) – and then discover eating this way can prevent and even reverse heart disease, diabetes (it reversed mine) and even some forms of cancer while environmentally- friendly for our planet and respectful of our animal life? Impossible – no – truly possible.

I want to see it for myself . . .

This must -see documentary is deserving of an audience that is plant-curious or already all-in because it informs and encourages us to see how and remember that food can truly be medicinal.  This documentary is currently being toured throughout the United States and there are plans  in the works for it to tour in Canada in 2017. I was fortunate enough to view it recently through the amazing people-powered group known as VegFest Calgary. VegFest’s mandate is to ‘elevate the Calgary community through compassionate, sustainable, and healthy living. VegFest Calgary hopes to offer a second screening of this film, so keep in touch with them on Face book for upcoming details.



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