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Imagine learning you have a rare disease with  no cause or cure and it comes with a terminal prognosis.  If that isn’t enough, within months you become legally blind, on oxygen 24 hours a day (like scuba diving on land) and eventually are put on the lung transplant monitoring list plus you become an insulin-dependent  type 2 Diabetic.

What would you do? Give in or just give up all together? Well wait until you hear what Kate McGoey-Smith did after over five long years of suffering. The results will blow your mind, realize as Kate did – there is hope at the end of your fork! And an added benefit is that she shares her story – 110 pounds lighter (despite years of unsuccessful dieting)!!

As a result of these benefits, Kate initiated two not-for- profit gratitude projects: “Fork Smart” and “Heart Calgary”  to share this evidence-based nutritional information with as many people as possible.  Food as medicine is an essential part of optimizing health. Imagine what you could do right now to empower your  own health and well-being!

Now learn about Kate’s professional background:

  • Pharmacy Technician (in-hospital services)
  • Former Registered Nurse (Operating Room; Bedside Medical Care; Camp Nurse) with a Diploma in Nursing, Conestoga College; practicing in Canada and the United States
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Development Studies, University of Waterloo
  • Masters of Social Work (clinical concentration), Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Registered Social Worker with the Alberta College of Social Workers
  • Post- secondary Certificate in Family and Divorce Mediation (FM)
  • Certified Food for Life Instructor, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM.ORG) – currently the only instructor in Alberta
  • Certificates in both Plant-Based Nutrition and Nutrition of a Healthy Heart, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies in partnership with eCornell (Cornell University)
  • 21 Day Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Vegan Kickstart
  • 21 Day Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  Indian Meal Plan
  • Starch Solution Certification Course Graduate, Dr. McDougall’s Health & Medical Center
  • Certificates of Completion in Background Epidemiology, and Causes of Coronary Artery Disease; Natural Defence Mechanisms and Downside of Current CAD Therapies; Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, The Esselstyn Program with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr MD; Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease in Women, Health Care is Self Care Program with Jane Esselstyn, RN
  • Culinary Rx Certificate  in Whole Plant-based Cooking, Rouxbe Cooking School in partnership with the Plantrician Project 
  • Post-secondary Lecturer at Algonquin College, Catholic University of America*, Wilfrid Laurier University*, University of Calgary*, Mount Royal University (* also Assistant to the Director of Field Practice, Faculty of Social Work)
  • Clinician in individual, couple, family and group therapy and trainer in crisis intervention and in brief solution-focussed counselling – designing, developing, co-ordinating and supervising free on-site counselling services for students and their families from kindergarten to grade 12 (supervising 13 counsellors in 12 school sites) for a rural Albertan School Division; working with over 23 agencies/programs  and in private practice in Calgary, Okotoks and High River, in addition to practicing in Ontario,  the United States and Great Britain
  • Published newspaper columnist and regular guest on Global Television Saturday Breakfast Show (for over 8 years as a Relationship Consultant)
  • Volunteer Activities include:  Organizer of Heart Calgary.Com; Host an Oil-free Whole Plant-based Living Calgary and Area Meet-Up; Instructor with Fork Smart. Org;  Monthly Recipe Contributor (former Southern Alberta Support Group Facilitator) to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association of Canada; Initiator and Facilitator of MentoringMondays.ca ( a free 360 Work Search Skills Program); Patient Advisor for Pregnancy Loss, Alberta Health Services; Patient Advisor for Cardiology and CCU, Peter Lougheed Centre and Respiratory Services, Alberta Health Services; Co-chair  of Action for Healthy Kids Coalition; Committee Member of the Canadian Transplant Association, Southern Alberta Region; Annual Conference Co-chair of the Alberta College of Social Workers (2015; 2017)

Living Fork Smart with Kate McGoey-Smith offers strategies for oil-free whole plant-based living while effectively managing the response  to these eating changes from friends, family and co-workers in your life.  What happens when the ‘honeymoon’ period of making change is over and you want to continue optimizing your health while keeping your connections with others who now eat differently than you do?

Episode #1

Meet our first webinar guest: Karen Krahn, wife, mother and grandmother who is over 5 years in, of an oil-free whole plant-based lifestyle, after an initial 30 day trial. Learn about her motivation, challenges, changes, impact on family and friends and her favourite go-to dish. Questions or comments, please reach out and  contact us.


Episode #2

Kate of Living Fork Smart interviews Dr. Andrew McGoey-Smith, PhD, an environmental risk scientist who has embraced an oil-free whole plant-based lifestyle. What made him do it? How does it fit with his environmental work? Are cows really the culprit? And so much more…


Episode #3

Our guest today is Carol Pierce – a mother and professionally-trained chef who now lives an oil-free whole plant-based lifestyle. How does Carol handle those special occasions surrounded by a loving family of omnivores!? Find out here. You can also access Carol through her work as a plant-based food blogger and instructor at thecalgarybeet.com.


Episode #4

Meet our webinar guest: Stephanie Watley who is busy with her career, a mother of a young adult and the daughter of parents in their senior years. Stephanie shares how she came to be whole plant-based while respecting her family members’ personal choices. Learn Stephanie’s “hell no” moment after watching a particular movie that sparked her to further claim her right to better health! Has Stephanie discovered how to re-vitalize herself and counter the north american challenges of aging?


Episode #5

Meet our webinar guest Anna Girova, a practicing pharmacist and mother of four grade school children. Anna and her husband, Stan and their children Tara, Emma, Samuel and Bella are a whole plant-based family. In her practice as a pharmacist, Anna promotes a whole health approach with her patients encouraging them to eat for health. Anna is there to inform not persuade and works cooperatively as part of the medical team to support the patient in becoming as healthy as possible. Learn how Anna began her journey of discovery and respectfully navigates the differing views of others. Is this just a case of wearing a ‘seatbelt’ before its value was fully recognized for saving lives? Listen in!


This webinar series contains the opinions of individual people and is intended for information purposes and not medical or legal advice. If in need of advice seek the appropriate professional medical or legal personnel for this – please see full disclaimer on Contact Page of this site.