Support for Success

Support for success – it is not just a popularized mantra of personal growth gurus. It has been part of our societal speak for a long time. Think about it for a moment. You have heard them many times over: “One for all, all for one”; “It takes a village”; “No man is an island”; “Don’t go it alone”; “We need each other” and the list goes on. These aren’t just cutesy sayings – they reflect a reality that is anchored in need. If we want to succeed at any endeavour, we ensure success if we get the support of others.

What that support is and how it looks may vary and be dependent on the broken down steps of the tasks we undertake to achieve our desired outcome. For example, there are times where group support is very beneficial. A group environment gives us the opportunity to hear about others’ experiences and realities. This type of sharing helps us to break free of a kind of ‘terminal uniqueness’ in which it is imagined that me and me alone has this or that issue, that no one else has experienced. It is just not true. Someone has thought, felt or done something you have thought, felt or done. You immediately realize you are not alone. Instead of feeling terminally unique – alone and isolated with your struggles – you realize a sense of ‘universality’. This universally helps you to realize you are not alone but very much part of the common struggles many experience in life.

Once you are a part of the group – you benefit from the collective wisdom that is present in the group. While members of the group have struggles and problems, they also have strategies and solutions, too. This can be invaluable, as it lets you ‘try on’ different strategies and solutions until you find the one that fits you and your problems best.

Support can also come in the form of on-line communication. The benefit of on-line communication is that you can target your search for support. By asking one question at a time on a community board like Face Book, it allows a targeted response. You receive a kind of ‘menu’ of strategies and solutions ¬†– picking which ones fit best for you. Sometimes the element of anonymity allows the responder to speak more openly without the need of establishing a relationship prior to doing so (which often happens in a group setting). It may also be easier for you to dismiss a response without the fear of that your rejection of the strategy or solution will be perceived as personal rejection.

One-to- one support is another helpful form of support. The one-to-one support can offer the privacy and intimacy you may be seeking and be tailored to your needs completely. One-to-one builds in a buddy system that offers support in the form of  thoughtful discussions in which your ideas can be aired and sorted out. This individual supporter can help you de-brief some of your observations regarding your progress and offer invaluable  encouragement to keep moving forward.

Support can also come in the form of “things” not just people. Those things are using other forms of communication to learn and grow. For example, books, videos, you tube episodes. blogs, newsletters, internet summits, on-line courses, podcasts, face book posts to name just a few. These supports can often be accessed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. That is around the clock support whenever you need it!

All these forms of support can truly optimize you health journey to become fork smarter!


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