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Everyday living involves dealing with problems. Some are simple and some are complicated. Finding a way forward is where Kate can help.

Practical tools on your way forward

Many us live in pain and suffering thinking that is just what life is all about. Yes, life is not problem-free. However, we can all learn to turn off the struggle switch and learn to live in the here and now, while letting those difficult thoughts, feelings, sensations and memories go past like leaves floating along the surface of a stream. This can then lead to cultivating more happiness in our lives. Happiness can be defined as leading a rich, full, meaningful life in which you feel a full range of human emotions. Let Kate team up with you so you can move toward identifying and achieving what is really important to you. Live the story you want to tell!

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Kate has been so motivating and especially encouraging along the way... Kate has made a profound difference in my life by setting such a remarkable example and by having the courage to share her experience. Thank you, Kate.

G. A.

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Kate focused and inspired me to 'dig in' and completely immerse myself into a whole food plant based diet. Her coaching and ongoing support enabled me to lose 50 pounds, get my blood pressure and cholesterol to normal levels, best of all, I no longer have type 2 diabetes!

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