Individual, group & on-site workplace services (counselling, training, speaking) customized to your wellness vision. Kate is trained and practices Brief Solution Focused and Focused Acceptance & Commitment therapeutic interventions to help you address - physical, mental, emotional and relationship challenges - for your greater well-being. Free 15 min consultation by phone is available. Contact Kate McGoey- Smith, DipNrsg, MSW, RSW, FM: or 403-519-9261

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Psychological Solutions for Minding the Knowing-Doing Gap

Are you struggling like others with the gap between knowing (accepting your thoughts, feelings, sensations and/or memories)) and doing (consistent action that reflects your values to be your best self)? Are you feeling "stuck"? Are you at a "fork in the road" on your wellness journey? Whatever your wellness issue(s) - - whether it be physical, mental, emotional or relationships - discover psychological solutions that help you be your best self. Team up with Kate, who is trained and practices both Brief Solution Focused and Focused Acceptance & Commitment therapeutic interventions. She, is a former registered nurse with over 25 years of experience as a clinically trained masters-level social worker in the fields of family therapy, addictions and mental health. Kate is also a Certified Food for Life Instructor (; a Starch Solution Graduate (John McDougall,MD) and Plant-based Nutrition Certificate Holder (Cornell -T. Colin Campbell). Your needs, your time, your budget - contact Kate at or 403-519-9261 for 'make it happen' solutions..

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