Thursday, Oct. 18th 7-8:30pm Ocean Robbins, CEO of the Food Revolution will be with us via live Skype to address 10 Ways You can Heal Your Body & Your World with Food! Tickets only $15.00. Ready to thrive? Get Empowerment Coaching (no medical advice given) - Contact or 403-519-9261.

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Welcome to Whole Person Living – becoming “fork smart” results in eating, doing and being a healthier and happier you!!!

The four empowerment prongs of Fork Smart are “I am” Power; Why Power; How Power and Staying Power. The development and nurturing of these powers helps your body to heal and for you to feel healthier and happier. . Preventing and reversing lifestyle illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, some forms of cancer as well as other chronic degenerative diseases, including being on the overweight- obesity continuum is truly possible. Addressing the root causes of these diseases includes learning to eat healthier – an evidence-based whole plant -based plate of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Eating whole plant-based coupled with physical movement and nurturing supportive relationships, leads to lovingly caring about being your very healthiest and happiest self. Embrace healthy blood work; blood pressure; weight; and increasing your energy and vitality!! Each forkful of whole plant-based food also contributes significantly to preserving and sustaining our environment and all the animals that inhabit it. If you what matters to you is personal growth and well-being; relationships and a desire to help make a difference then you belong here. Welcome to Fork Smart!!!

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Kate McGoey-Smith, WPB Health & Happiness Coach