Just Listen to Your Body

You hear it all the time. People punctuate the air with the self-assured authority of these words, “I just listen to my body.”  Really??? If it anything like auditory listening – those things on either side of your head – is it really that reliable? I don’t know about you but I can tune in and out like a ham radio operator depending on my interest ‘frequency’. If I am super interested – I’m all ears but if not, I tend to wander as does my hearing.

Isn’t  it possible the same thing happens when ‘listening to our body’ comes into play? How many times have you found yourself eating something that is likely to cause you indigestion again because you still like it even if your body doesn’t? Or eating one more bite or that extra portion even when your body is saying, “Enough already!”

In fact how many times a day do you find yourself ignoring your body? Not just around food – remember that hurried breakfast or skipped lunch? But around other concerns – like the need to get up off your chair and move  around, rather than being stiff and sedentary for hours at a time. Even remembering to floss your teeth or given them a brushing of more than 30 seconds.

It can be so easy to be distracted by the demands of living (work is included with this) that our bodies get taken for granted. We take them everywhere with us but do we give them much attention? Sure – we might manicure or pedicure or do their hair but what else? We celebrate them getting one year older each year but what else do we do for them? Maybe take them out for a walk every once in awhile. We even go as far as  dressing  them up on occasions. Then it is back to the same old same old – taking them for granted until something happens to really get our attention.

But even a bid for attention can be ignored. How many times have you gone into work or to an event with a cold when you know your body (and other bodies) could benefit from some TLC – rest in bed and fluids? It is almost like a badge of honour to keep marching ahead  with your day in spite of your body ‘s aching to stop, slow down and rest. If your body was your best friend it would probably say, “It’s not me, it’s you” and want to end the relationship.

But our bodies are very loyal and keep pumping along. Our bodies are always trying to repair and heal the damage being done to them. But they know they can’t do it alone and try to remind us when to eat, move and rest. We are still 100% in control of what we eat and when we choose to move and rest. So don’t our loyal, forgiving bodies deserve the nurturing of a healthy nutritious fuel of food, opportunities to move around and the benefits of a regular sleep schedule? Don’t make your body nag you – it’s earned the respect of true friendship!

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