– Living Whole Plant Based- Keeping Your Commitment and Connections –

You are wanting to be healthier, happier and freer to live longer and leaner while avoiding or reversing debilitating lifestyle illnesses. Wouldn’t you be happier and feel freer when not burdened by heart disease (high blood pressure; high cholesterol), diabetes, Crohn’s disease, arthritis (other inflammatory illnesses) and even many forms of cancer? The solution:  an oil-free whole plant based lifestyle, backed by evidence-based nutritional science. It just makes good common sense!

So how do you make and keep your changes in self-care and still keep your seat at the table? Especially when you have a healthier plate in front of you – often different from those around you. Some may support your efforts while others actively do not – teasing you or even bullying you to go back to your old ways. This feels especially alienating when it is your family and friends or even co-workers who treat you this way.

How do you handle this stress? Do you give in, give up or withdraw? Do you end up letting a stress-induced ‘slip’ result in abandoning what is really important to you? None of this needs to happen – you can stay on-track and be a part of all the activities. You can get both the support and strategies for holding onto what is really important to you – a healthier,  happier and freer life while keeping your  connections with family and friends..

Let me help you on your journey toward improved health while keeping your family, friends and co-workers a part of your life. Discover how to move towards the lifestyle you always wanted with goal-oriented, practical help that teaches you to move through challenges instead of getting stuck in them. Learn how to build greater resiliency, so your goals can be realized – call today for a coaching session!

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