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Hoping for a rich, fulfilling, purposeful life, surrounded by family, friends and co-workers, who value you being you?

It may seem beyond your reach when you do not have the tools needed to face one or more of these obstacles: existing with chronic diseases; anxiety; depression; grief and loss; fractured relationships (at home and /or at work); parenting (single, couple, step, or divided households); school issues (including homework allergies and peer relationships); social media management or substance abuse**.**

Facing such obstacles can be unsettling or even down right scary, especially when you feel alone and stuck.

Pain and suffering are a natural part of living. Many times you can work through it and come out better. Yet there are other times, when you struggle and get really stuck in a feedback loop of difficult thoughts and feelings. This commonly leads to trying to escape, avoid, distract, deny or other controlling behaviours in order to relieve the hurt. What happens next? It often result in creating even bigger problems for yourself and those you love. Being stuck feels really yucky!

Open to a new approach? Discover and learn practical strategies for ‘unhooking’ from problematic behaviours and moving toward who and what is important to you by increasing your psychological flexibility. Let my over 25 years experience and knowledge of brief solution-focussed and Acceptance and Commitment therapies (including The ACT Matrix) work for you.

Here is an example of expert/originator, author, and trainer, Dr. Kevin Polk, PhD using The ACT Matrix in action:

You never have to do it alone. Kate is ready to team up with you, so you can move toward being your best self!

Kate McGoey-Smith, DipNrsg, MSW, RSW, FM

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Serving Teens and Adults: Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups - Offering In-person (upholding COVID- 19 practices, Phone) or On-line Counselling Services (Day and Evening Appointments available).

Still unsure or not quite ready? Team up with Kate for strategies like this:

Whole plant-based lifestyle consulting also available.*

(*Please note: Holds International Certificates that are applicable outside Alberta, Canada and outside limits of RSW designation/fee coverage)

You deserve to live a life that matters - full of meaning and purpose. Teaming up together, we can make it possible for you to live the story you want to tell!

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