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Start and sustain a whole plant-based lifestyle with coaching that promotes psychological flexibility for a better, healthier you!

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Here is why: the biggest need to thrive with a whole plant-based lifestyle is “psychological flexibility!
Psychological Flexibility is the ability to notice what you aredoing and choosing what works to get you where you want to go, even in the presence of obstacles.

Where do you want to go?

What motivates most of us to get out of bed in the morning is all about who and what is important to us.

However,  just when we are trying to get closer to who and what matters to us – some “yucky” stuff can show up.  This yucky stuff includes difficult, nagging thoughts, uncomfortable, painful feelings, memories or even bodily sensations likes aches and pains.  Often these obstacles are coupled with common life challenges like existing with chronic health issues; anxiety; depression; loss and grief; fractured relationships (at home and /or at work); parenting (single, couple, step, or divided households); school issues (including homework allergies and peer relationships); social media management or substance abuse.

So how do most of us handle all this? Understandably, this leads to trying to escape, avoid, distract, deny or use other controlling behaviours to relieve the pain and hurt. What happens next? It often results in creating even more problems for ourselves and those we love. We become stuck in  this feedback loop instead of moving toward where we want to go in life.

To stop the struggles and get unstuck - TowardMoves Counselling Services was created!

I have learned and continue learning actions for ‘unhooking’ from  the yucky stuff and unhelpful behaviours and moving towards who and what is important to me like maintaining my 110 lb. weight loss for over 5 years, remaining a non-diabetic after being a type 2 diabetic on insulin. remaining sighted after being legally blind for over 5 years and upholding my reversal of the very rare, no cause/no cure disease of Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.

What can I offer you?  I have over 25 years of experience working with thousands of people from children to seniors in health care, mental health, addictions, education, and work places. I can offer you warm, empathic support, while facilitating the opportunity for you to gain new perspectives on your stories, so you can keep moving toward where you want to go, even in the presence of obstacles. Offering on-line, phone or in-person counselling services. Connect here:

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Eating and staying plant-based requires more than recipes, cooking tips and social gatherings. The biggest need is becoming more psychologically flexible. Psychological flexibility is the ability to notice what you are doing and choosing what works to get you where you want to go, even in the presence of obstacles. Let’s explore these obstacles using the plant-based matrix. (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Action).

Ready to team up?

Kate McGoey-Smith, DipNrsg, MSW, RSW, FM, Certified ACT/Prosocial Matrix Trainer and Facilitator

On-line, phone or in-person counselling sessions available.

Connect:     or    403-519-9261 (MST- Calgary, Alberta. Canada)

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Additional services: Whole plant-based lifestyle consulting and coaching.*

(*Please note: Holds International Certificates that are applicable outside Alberta, Canada and outside limits of RSW designation/fee coverage)

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