Let's build solutions so you are stronger and smarter about living life happier and healthier! Do it now and receive a free 30 min consultation by phone or Zoom (video conferencing). Contact Kate: Kate@forksmart.org or 403-519-9261 Join us for free Staying Power Solutions Group every Saturday at 10 am (Mountain Time) via Zoom - check events for details. Link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/368062380

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Self-love solutions for re-writing your relationship with yourself, others and whole plant-based foods. Let's build solutions for your self-care needs so you are stronger and smarter about living life happier and healthier!!

You don't need to give up who you are, what you value or your connections to others - benefit from "how to make it happen" coaching, counselling, consulting or speaking services. Kate, a mother of three, is a former registered nurse with over 25 years of experience as a clinically-trained master level social worker in the fields of family therapy, addictions and mental health as well as holding university lectureships at five academic institutions. Let's work together either in-person, via phone, Zoom (video conferencing) or on-line now: 403-519-9261 or kate@forksmart.org.

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Kate McGoey-Smith, Health Behaviour Solutions Coach