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Stop the "gain-lose-regain" endless diet dead-end cycle - Start living - fit and free!!!

Being fat is hard - losing it is even harder! Diets are about fads not food. My goal for a better life: Eat delicious meals and snacks until comfortably full while still losing weight with the added bonus of helping my body get as healthy as possible. It's totally possible because it is about "why-power" not will power. The evidence-based science (the gold standard) demonstrates it is truly possible.. I did it - losing 120 pounds and a few other things happened like reversing my severe right-sided heart failure; type 2 insulin-dependent diabetes and even 5 year of being legally blind! It is all gone - instead I see (gratefully) in the mirror a happy, fit and free me!! (Yes - and I want you to know lasting weight loss and a healthier body can be your reality, too!) Find your "thin-within" and come join me - be motivated by the 'why' and inspired by the 'how' and supported in the 'now'! Contact me at to get started. No counting, measuring and all with grocery store foods! Not quite sure ? Check out my story - you deserve to look and feel great!

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Kate McGoey-Smith, WPBD Lifestyle Coach